Viewing 360 - Tips

360 photos and videos are a great way to immerse yourself fully into the environment. You can look around in any direction!

Desktop and Laptop

The links will open a new browser tab and redirect you to Veer. Use your mouse (click & drag) or touchpad to navigate the scene. Mozilla, Chrome, Safari & other browsers will work, not Internet Explorer. If you can only see a white screen, click on reload in the new tab or click on the two arrows to enter full screen mode with the video.

Mobile Devices

Watch in Safari or download the VeeR app for android/apple (no need to login or create an account). Pick a video and start playback in either vertical or horizontal mode, then move/tilt your device or drag the screen with your finger to navigate the scene. You can save & watch videos offline if you have a VeeR account.

Google Cardboard and Headset

Start playback and tap the headset icon at the bottom right of your screen (the screen splits into two smaller screen). Then insert your phone into your cardboard or headset viewer and look around to enjoy the 360 views. Download the VeeR app for standalone or premium headsets.

If you watch our 360 videos on Vimeo you can find tips here.

360 Taputeranga Marine Reserve

Find the 360 Taputeranga Marine Reserve experience on Veer.