our projects

Underwater adventure

Life Below Water

Take a look under the waves and discover your blue backyard from a new perspective!

Get up close and personal with Wellington’s marine life. Explore Taputeranga Marine Reserve on an interactive 360 photo tour or be right next to the divers with our 360 videos when they explore the reefs and the F69 shipwreck.

Underground adventure

Hidden Heritage

Join us as we explore New Zealand’s underground heritage!

Come along on an expedition to New Zealand’s longest limestone cave – hidden deep in the Kahurangi National Park.

We are setting off to map parts of the Megamania cave system in 3D using a mobile lidar device. Along the way we make exciting discoveries and return with new perspectives of the underground world. 

Get involved

Marine Citizen Science

Get inspired by volunteers documenting and restoring their local marine environment!

Diving in giant kelp beds started my passion for seaweed. Imagine being able to fly through the canopy and understory of ancient rainforests – that’s how it feels to dive through healthy giant kelp beds! 

So in 2016 I started a giant kelp monitoring project with volunteers from the Wellington Underwater Club.