3D Cave Mapping Expedition

Posted April 11, 2020 by Nicole – Cave Conservation & Outreach

Some adventures stay with you for a long time and the caving expedition to Megamania to create a 3D cave map will stay a special memory for many reasons! 

Being in the bush for a couple of days, looking at a new cave, prospecting and exploring with a great bunch of people is already hard to beat (shout out to the Wellington Caving Group!). But having a caving buddy who goes ‘Great, I’m in‘ in response to me saying ‘Hey, I have heard of these 3D cave mapping projects in Australia. I think there is a lidar in NZ. We should try it out, it could be awesome‘  was the start of this amazing project. Thanks Anna! 

Check out the 3D Cave Mapping page to join us on our expedition and take a tour through the 3D cave model!